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To me photography is the act of saving a moment in time. With today’s electronic advances, even simple digital cameras can make it possible to grab a great shot and save it for all time. Getting the pictures consistently well focused and properly exposed used to be the difference between amateurs and professional photographers. Today’s cameras do the focusing and exposure so well that amateurs and pros are nearly on a level playing field. You can certainly get a technically good photo at a wedding or an event or in your backyard but here is the critical difference, can you plan the next shot, can you pose people for attractive group shots, can you tell the story and anticipate where you need to be to catch the next emotional expression. During ceremonies and receptions would you even want to have to think about it? It’s a celebration; you need to be part of it. That is why a professional photographer is indispensable when it comes to once in a lifetime events. Professional photographers know what the sequence of events are at a Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a Party (because they have done it many times before) they have the right equipment and lighting to deal with the specific situation and they are on duty for the whole event. Professionals don’t stop to chat with a friend or wait for a drink at the bar, while a great photographic moment comes and goes, they are there to get great images of the event. In the end when the party’s over and the memories start to fade the photography will be the only thing left of that once in a lifetime moment in time. Let me save those special moments for you.
Alan Vollweiler

Night and Day Photography